The Art of Amateurish Politics – Article paru dans Le dimanche/l’hebdo du 04/11/12

par Ralliement Citoyen pour la Patrie (RCP), dimanche 4 novembre 2012, 09:14 ·

The Art of Amateurish Politics


After nearly five months of holidays, our parliamentarians are back for some hard work all in the name of democracy and patriotism. Or are they?


During the holidays, our dear Prime Minister had a very busy travel agenda. There was the 14th ‘Sommet de la Francophonie’ in The Democratic Republic of Congo; the summit which lasted two days and started on Saturday 13th October. This trip was followed by yet another trip to London to discuss the Chagos issue with David Cameron!


At the beginning of August this year, the Prime Minister did not attend the SADC summit in Maputo and went to London to discuss electoral reforms. He then prolonged his stay there followed by a week in Cape Town for the ‘Congrès de l’Internationale Socialiste’. Straight after that, Dr Navin Ramgoolam went back to London for medical treatment and did not return until late September.  Chagos, electoral reforms…Whilst the state paid for all these visits of our dear Prime Minister, the PRB report 2012/13 left the people worst off than they were before. Simple logic should prevail here. Spend less on diplomatic missions and give more to the people.


Meanwhile, his neighbour, the Leader of the Opposition kept himself busy with the senior partner of the remake 2000, SAJ. There were numerous meetings where orange shades of purple were very much visible. More scandals were denounced, more personal attacks and yet no concrete alternative proposals were announced.


This is perhaps why most tax payers were eager to see parliament resume last week. Alas, there was much ado about nothing. The PNQs were yet again centred on the electoral reforms and scandals. Logic dictates that the leader of the opposition should, by now, know how the Prime Minister would react to such questions. The former has mastered the art of wasting precious debating time on trivial matters.  From less important PNQs to silly answers from the Ministers, parliament is like a school playground these days. Add a dose of vile remarks from some; it must have a ride in the park for the Prime Minister, who frankly speaking, should have been grilled on certain issues.


At the Ralliement Citoyen pour la Patrie, we would like to have a detailed feedback of all the discussions that have been carried out by the Prime Minister in London this year. Furthermore, the following questions remain unanswered: Where are we at with the Chagos issue? What were the lawyers’ advices the PM in August?  How much has been spent on crew travels and expenses?


Members of Club des Militants, ‘l’organe populaire du RCP’also propose a few pertinent topics to be reviewed by the government: CT power project, environmental issues including SSR botanical gardens, educational issues such as the validity of certificates from our tertiary institutes and CPE pass rate,  internal security issues such as increasing suicide rate, gender discrimination at work and how to encourage gender equality,  cost of the MID project, state of the economy (depreciation of the Rupee), the report of the Pay Research Bureau, the state of our hospitals, narcotics control on the island, how to cope with the decline in tourism over the year…The list is quite lengthy but we bring here forth the main issues.


More time should also have been spent on last year’s budget as it looks like Xavier-Luc Duval, as well as the government has been spared some intense follow-up questioning on measures announced last year. The budget, followed by the ‘discours programme’, seem to have been merely two more reports to add on top of the pile of reports that this government has produced since it came in power. Parliamentary budgetary debates of 2011 feel like ancient history too.


Running a country is not a child’s game nor should be left to amateurs. It is high time that the people see what is really happening around them, in and out of parliament. Nothing much is being achieved, except for superficial decisions that are embellished to eye-wash everyone. We, at the Ralliement Citoyen pour La Patrie, urge the people to open their eyes and react to this amateurish politics that we are witnessing these days.



Shabana Raman

Secretary-General (Ralliement Citoyen Pour la Patrie – RCP)